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How much time do you and your staff spend on the phone answering the same questions over and over again?


How often do you get called in the middle of the night with questions that are not an emergency?

Are you frustrated by the unreliable and confusing information your patients find on the internet?


Are you looking for a single source you can refer them to for reliable, understandable information about their pregnancy?

Preparing for a Healthy Baby answers your patients most common questions:

  • What changes will my body go through during my pregnancy?
  • How is my baby growing month-to-month?
  • What substances are potentially dangerous to my baby and me?
  • When do I need to call my doctor?
  • What exercises are most helpful during pregnancy?
  • What problems can be treated safely at home?
  • What medications are OK to take during pregnancy?

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over 2 million books sold

  • Planned Parenthood-California | 40,000 copies | since 1999
  • North Country Perinatal Council | 36,000 copies | since 2001
  • Midwest Health Partners | 30,000 copies | since 2001
  • Facey Medical Foundation | 27,000 copies | since 1994
  • Sharp HealthCare | 25,000 copies | since 1993
  • Obstetrix Medical Group | 20,000 copies | since 2003
  • Palm Valley Women’s Care | 17,000 copies | since 2006
  • Johnson County Health Department | 12,000 copies | since 2001
  • No other prenatal care book talks to the user the way Preparing for a Healthy Baby does. The others just don't do the job.

    Physician Health Department, Colorado
  • Your book has been a wonderful time-saver for us. It has saved my staff hundreds of hours usually spent on the phone answering questions that are clearly explained in your Preparing for a Healthy Baby book.

    Head Nurse Women's Care Group, California
  • It's really a great book! When a patient calls in with a question, I just tell them to look on page so & so of Preparing for a Healthy Baby. The information is all there

    Nurse Coordinator Medical Center Hospital, Michigan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the book have information on breast feeding?

We have a detailed, 6 page section on breast feeding. It covers basic anatomy of the breast, latching, proper way to nurse and trouble shooting, expressing milk, the proper way to hold your nipple, and suggestions for nursing in public. Perfect to be used for classes.

How often do you update the content of your book?

We update the content on a yearly basis. We pay particular attention to prenatal lab testing, nutrition, drug use, family planning methods, sexually transmitted diseases and treatments and general health alerts. It is important for us to have accurate, well-researched information that patients can understand to have the healthiest baby possible.

Why is this book not more comprehensive?

It is important to have information available that is able to be understood at any reading level. We have made an effort to keep the content at the 6th grade reading level. May pregnancy books are more detailed but can be confusing to some. This book is meant to contain the basic information needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Significant pregnancy complications are best handled though the provider-patient relationship.

How comprehensive is the labor and delivery information?

One of the most comprehensive section in the book. Great compliment to labor and delivery classes. 

Might this be a good book for guys? 

Easy, quick read. May be the only book he will read and has all the necessary information to understand pregnancy and delivery.  Will give him the tools needed to be a supportive partner.

Are routine general health and pregnancy questions answered?

Yes, this may help pregnant women get health answers they can treat at home after office hours without office calls or visits to the hospital. 

Does this book help moms decided if they have an emergency and need to call their doctor and when they can treat a problem at home?

For a patient and doctor to have a good partnership, it is important that the patient understands what she can treat at home and when things need medical treatment. With the many discomforts in pregnancy, this can be confusing to mom. Our section on Discomforts of Pregnancy helps sort this out. What is normal pelvic discomfort and what is pre-term labor?  What is normal back aches and what is pre-term labor? This and many more symptoms are detailed in our book. 


Kendis Moore Drake, mother, RN, FNP and Olympian.
When Kendis Drake, a nurse practitioner, began caring for expectant mothers over 20 years ago, she tried to find a concise, easy-to-read maternity book that would help educate her patients about their pregnancy. No such pregnancy book existed, so Kendis wrote this book to help expectant mothers understand the wonderful process of pregnancy and delivery.

Kendis graduated magna cum laude from Arizona State University with both her Bachelor’s of Science degree and Master’s Degree in Nursing. Kendis is a former world record holder in swimming and Olympic team member. She continues to enjoy sports and caring for patients today, while expanding her practice to include gynecology and women’s health.